Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Replaced by a Boy


Goliath cried out for many a day
Just give me man to fight
And every man present ran into his tent
And hid from the terrible sight.
For the shield was huge and the sword was sharp
And the armour, a sight to behold
His words and his size and the look in his eyes
Made every man’s blood run cold.

More vile by the day as he laughed at their fear
He barked like a dog gone mad
’Til onto the field with indignant surprise
Stepped a humble, courageous lad.

With wild beating heart and a sling in his hand
Plus a stone that he found by the brook
He ran straight to the fray with only his God
And nary a backward look.

The cry of the giant, the words that he spoke
His affront to the men was uncouth
But the only one brave enough to take a stand
Wasn’t even a man, but a youth.

He turned down the armour of cowardly kings
And to those who had failed to deploy
He said, If God can’t find a man who will go
I guess he will just use a boy.

So grown men cowered and scrounged for excuse
And were scared of the giant’s guffaws
’Til God stepped past men and discovered a boy
Who would recognize “There is a Cause.”

So if we aspire to be men of God
And we seek to avoid all disgrace
Then we must determine to fight for the right
And not let a boy take our place.

~ JH

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